Building the most positive electronics brand ever.

Sound of Victory

by Iivo Niskanen

"I want to give a positive boost. When you use the Sound of Victory headphones, we are both winners!"

1000 pcs Limited Edition

The limited edition package is hand signed by Iivo.

Sound of Victory

Sound of Victory is JoyActor’s wireless top-of-the-line headphone and its sound quality has been praised to be extremely rich and clear. Perfectly fitting your head, the comfortable and remarkably durable headband and soft earpieces covered with metal casing move in three dimensions.



Small and light. This completely wireless headset impresses with incredible sound quality that overwhelms many bigger headphones.



The new SportMate wireless earphones are the favorite of top athletes. SportMate has been praised on its sound and deep bass. They fit perfectly to ears and are extremely light and comfortable – users say that this is what separates SportMate from the competition. Due to the thin build SportMates do not stick out from ear at all, and therefore will fit under helmets or hats perfectly. They also feature a high-quality microphone, the newest Bluetooth technology and a long-lasting battery.


The mission of JoyActor is to build the most inspiring brand of electronics and accessories. We hope that our slogan – Recycle Joy – is visible in everything that we do. We want to set an example on how a brand can be a truly powerful messenger to make a world more joyful and supportive place. We want this message to reach everyone.

How is Recycle Joy visible in our products?

Through working products, which we constantly thrive to develop even further based on user feedback. This is why we have a full 24-month warranty and in all headphones a 6-month super warranty. During the super warranty we will replace a broken or misfunctioning product with a new one – no questions asked! The music you enjoy with our headphones will make you feel good, and with the hands-free feature you will seamlessly connect with your loved ones. Our wearable devices help you stay fit and healthy and with our power banks you don’t have to worry about battery running out.

To spread the joy of JoyActor, we don’t only sell top-quality products, but also organize charity events. We want to be an example for other companies to look up to.

Let’s make the world a better place. Together.

What people are saying about us


Todella kätevä! Helppo kantaa mukana. Kevyt.


Ihan tykki äänenlaatu ja helppo "pukea" päälle ja pelkkää plussaa koko ulkonäkö!


Huipputuote; hyvä äänentoisto sekä mukavan sporttiset ja rennot kuulokkeet! Hinta-laatusuhde kohdillaan


Hyvä ääni, myös bassot. Tosi kevyet ja pysyvät paikallaan kovemmassakin liikunnassa. Hyvä plussa oli mukana tuleva tavallinen kuulokepiuha.


Kevyet, hyvin korviin istuvat kuulokkeet. Uskomattoman selkeä ääni. Myös basso jytisee mukavasti. Lisäplussana molemmista päistä irrotettava johto.


Istuu hyvin myös kapeaan korvakäytävään vaihdettavien korvakappaleidensa ansiosta. Sotkeutumaton johto on iso plussa!!! Äänenlaatu erittäin hyvä.