The story of JoyActor

Our story begins with a bunch of friends sitting down in a cafeteria and thinking of doing something new and exciting in the ever-changing consumer electronics field – and doing everything we do with a touch of joy and care for each other and beyond.

In that Autumn evening in 2016 in a small cafe in Helsinki, the idea of “JoyActor” was created. During the upcoming months, we worked on a business plan, and today we think we have reached a point that we have a clear vision what we want to be, and how to get started to gradually build up our company.

What we strongly believe in is that the best innovations are no longer done in large corporations but in start-ups all over the world, and often in co-operation with platform manufacturers. Our job is to find the best partners to work with, then modify the products one by one to best suit our customers and thereby offering our customers the newest and most exciting products now and in the future.

Our first step was to bring our customers what we consider the world’s best headphone today – with excellent qualities and unique design at a fair price.

Heikki Leskelä

Heikki Leskelä

Joy President

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