Incredible sound.

Perfect fit.

Easy charging.

Perfectly wireless.

Jerica Limited Edition.


Exclusive Jerica x TinyMate limited edition headphones now available for international deliveries!

4,6 / 5

Great feedback

TinyMate has got great reviews.
Jerica x TinyMate
It has never been this easy to use earphones – just pop the charging case cover open, and the earphones will connect to your device automatically. When you’re done listening, just put the earphones back in to the case and close the cover – music is paused, earphones will turn off and re-charge quickly. 3 hours of non-stop listening with one charge, and 4 full charges with the charging case!
Jerica x TinyMate

I love my new TinyMate earbuds, the sound, design and the comfort!

- Jennifer

Light as a feather

Small and light. This completely wireless headset impresses with incredible sound quality that overwhelms many bigger headphones. TinyMate has deep bass and bright treble, and it is not scared of airplanes or trains, as TinyMate isolates sounds of the environment well.

Product details

Modern Technology

Bluetooth 5.0 delivers excellent battery life and unmatched sound quality with zero lag. Both TinyMates, weighting only 4 grams each, have a microphone so you can use just one earphone while talking on the phone.


Fulfilling and excellent sound quality

Completely wireless

Light as a feather

Good noise-isolation

Handy charging case

Bluetooth 5.0

Technical specifications



Continuous playback time

3 h

Continuous talk time

4 h

Charging case charges earphones

4 times

Charging case battery capacity

500 mAh

Charging case charge time

45 minutes with a Micro-USB cable (Provided)

Standby time

120 tuntia

Weight of a single earphone

4 g

Total weight of the earphones and the charging case

141 g



24 months

Satisfaction guarantee

30 days


If your earphones get broken for any reason during the first 6 months, we will replace them

Preorder, delivery during March 2019

Jerica x TinyMate

119 €

Delivery during March 2019
Free shipping to the European Union!
Shipping fees 19,90 € to other countries

(4,6 / 5)

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