Magnetic Bluetooth Speaker



Bring a concert-level surround sound with you anywhere!

delivery time less than a week

Two magnet-mounted speakers & and a sound which you can feel

Together or separately

You can place the speakers separately in a suitable place or keep them together. Customize the sound according to the situation.

Powerful microphone

Handle calls and online meetings with the high-performance hands-free microphone on the left speaker.

Phenomenal sound

More than 20 hours of clear and clean concert-level sound on a single charge.

Durable and handy

The speaker is splash-proof and with it you get a slicon sleeve, which makes it easy to carry with you.

Hear the sound LIKE NEVER BEFORE


Remember the last time you were at a concert where the whole building was carrying the magnificent sound of the orchestra? The JoyActor Concert delivers this feeling at home, outdoors and wherever you go with two high-quality speakers.

Queste casse sono veramente comodissime e ve le consiglio, grazie ai magneti quando mi alleno le posso attaccare dove voglio. Il volume è eccellente come anche la qualità dei bassi.

— Daniele

Utente Joyactor Concert

Connects immediately Ready to use in a split second

You can easily turn on the Concert speaker by pressing its single button for a few seconds. When switched on, the speakers connect to each other automatically and are immediately ready for use. Pairing a concert with a device is just as easy: Two presses of the button and the Bluetooth connection is open for other devices to find it.

limited stock - max 2 products / customer
limited stock - max 2 products / customer

delivery time less than a week

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