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Small and light. This completely wireless headset impresses with incredible sound quality that overwhelms many bigger headphones. TinyMate has deep bass and bright treble, and it is not scared of airplanes or trains, as TinyMate isolates sounds of the environment well.

The use of headphones cannot get easier – just open the charger cover and the headphones will automatically connect to your device. To stop listening, put the headphones in the charging case and close the cover – the headphones turn off automatically and charge quickly. You can listen to music for up to 3 hours with one charge, and with the charging box you can charge them four times. Charging case is easy to charge with Micro USB.

Bluetooth 5.0 delivers excellent battery life and unmatched sound quality. Both TinyMates, weighting only 4 grams each have a microphone.
Awesome sound quality and latest technology does not mean an expensive price.

TinyMate has excellent reviews – it has an average rating of 4,5 out of 5 from our Finnish customers!

User Manual – Easy and intuitive!

  1. On the first use, connect the phone to a bluetooth device named “Airplus” and the headphones are ready for use.
  2. In the future, TinyMate will automatically connect to your phone when you open the charging case!
  3. Correspondingly, the connection and headphones disconnects when you put the headphones in the enclosure and close it.
  4. Both headphones have a button and the same functions regardless of the headset.
    • Press once to stop playback of music or movie / continue playback
    • Two presses at the right of the headset will move to the next song. Two press left on the jump to the previous song.
    • Press and hold the Voice Control on your phone (Siri / Google Assistant).

NOTE! Both headphones have a microphone so you can control your phone, or make a phone call using both or only one earbud.

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Mekin suosittelemme tätä tuotetta

Höyhenen kevyt

Light as a feather

4 grams has never sounded so good.
Pitkä akunkesto

Easy to use case

When you’re done listening, the charging case will charge headphones to 100%.
Bluetooth 5

Bluetooth 5

Bluetooth 5.0 delivers excellent battery life and unmatched sound quality.

Tekniset tiedot

Bluetooth 5.0
Continuous playback time 3 h
Continuous talk time 4 h
Charging case charges earbud 4 times
Battery of charging case 500 mAh
Time to charge full 1,5 hours
Standby time 120 hours
Weight (single earbud) 4 g
Total weight (case and earbuds) 141 g


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