Wireless Earbuds Are Changing the World One Package at a Time

If you value quality and sustainability, JoyActor’s TinyMate earbuds are your choice. The world’s smallest package, 36-month warranty, and CO2 compensation were the factors that convinced Finnair: JoyActor’s earbuds will travel with Finnair, sharing the message of sustainable consumption to the world.

Wireless earbuds and the smallest package in the world

Let’s admit it: we’re quite proud of our TinyMate earbuds, which set an example for the big electronics brands. We optimized the package to become the smallest earbud package in the world — no extra paper, plastic, or junk. We also pay CO2 compensation for each package. We’re on a mission to create a sustainable world by one purchase decision at a time!

Best headphones last longer: 3-year warranty

To be able to talk about sustainability, the product must stand the test of time. That’s why TinyMate earbuds come with a 36-month warranty. In addition, we have our own repair team in Finland, which takes care of the maintenance and repair of your headphones. Why buy something new if the old ones can be repaired?

High-quality sound and eco-friendliness convinced Finnair

We can’t change the world with an eco-friendly product unless it meets expectations. TinyMate’s featherlight, fully wireless earbuds impress with their sound quality that beats even many bigger headphones. Five different-sized earplugs ensure that the earbuds stay on tightly also when exercising – that makes TinyMate the number one choice for many athletes.

TinyMate blocks the sounds of the environment even on train and aircraft, which was also noted by Finnair. Due to its quality and eco-friendliness, Finnair chose to add TinyMate for their selection. JoyActor’s wireless earbuds with CO2 compensation are now available on each Finnair aircraft.

Order these beauties from here – and yes, they’ll fit in your mailbox!

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